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In 2005 I drew a tag for the Cache North Side Elk hunt.  I didn't do much scouting before the hunt.  The hunt started on Saturday so I went up Wednesday night to started scouting before the Hunt.  It rained almost nonstop Thursday and Friday.  On Saturday the first morning of the hunt it snowed.  We saw some elk that first day, including a 5 point bull, but I decided to wait and see if I could find something larger.  I hunted almost nonstop until the fallowing Wednesday with out a lot of luck.  It rained and snowed most of that time. On Wednesday morning I Spotted this bull, but was not able to get a good shot off.  That night I was again able to see him but did not get close enough that I took a shot.  The next morning (Thursday) it was raining and snowing. I rode up the hill to where I had seen him the previous day.  It was fogy and difficult to see far.  I could hear him bugling in the distance, but it was so difficult to see I waited back far enough to not scare the herd.  I waited about an hour and half.  Then the the clouds blew out, I took the opportunity.  Left the horse behind and was able to get within about 75 yards of him to take a single shot.  

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Author: Brad Crookston


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