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This little 4 point was hanging out right next to my home last night.  Only a few feet from the window.  The lights where off in side and it didn't know we where watching.  My 1 year old was thrilled to be so close. 
Weapon: Camera
Weapon: Rifle
Elk hunt
Northern Utah hunt
Weapon: Rifle
Nice Buck
Weapon: Rifle
I hunted all week an got this deer on the last day.
Weapon: Rifle
Lots of snow for this hunt. My dad got this deer.
Weapon: Rifle
In 2005 I drew a tag for the Cache North Side Elk hunt.  I didn't do much scouting before the hunt.  The hunt started on Saturday so I went up Wednesday night to started scouting before the Hunt.  It rained almost nonstop Thursday and...
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